All our aircraft have with ADS-B out&in installed, with WiFi links for ADS-B for all 5 aircraft. We currently offer 2 options for primary training and rental aircraft. N84DL and N739YY are both Cessna 172N models. We also offer a TAA Cessna 172N. Tailwheel training is available in our 1957 Champ. Our high performance rental is a Cessna 182 (Dynon panel). Additional aircraft are currently for scenic flights and instruction only. Check the scenic page for more information.




For those that desire a tailwheel aircraft, we are adding a 1957 Champ to our training fleet. An excellent training aircraft for either primary instruction, or those that wish to receive a tailwheel endorsement and add to the types of planes you are able to fly. Slide open the window, cruise at about 90MPH and land at 40MPH!

This plane has an STC that will allow for door removal on the warmer weather days if you desire. A very basic, fun to fly VFR plane, it is our lowest cost rental.

A special 15hr package price to work towards a tailwheel endorsement and rental checkout will be available.



N123TT is a Cessna 172N for advanced pilots and training that requires a TAA. This plane has a dual Dynon HDX glass panel system, which includes autopilot and flight director functions, as well as typical moving maps, ADS-B out&in, with a WiFi link, VFR and IFR charts, and an Air Conditioner. This plane will meet the TAA requirements instead of needing a complex aircraft for commercial times, and is an excellent IFR training aircraft.





  • 1979 C172N
  • Garmin 430W
  • Dynon HDX dual touch screens with backup
  • Wifi panel connection for flight planning
  • Autopilot
  • ADS-B in and out
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cessna 172N Dynon Checklist
  • $165 per hour (wet rate)















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