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We are working out the details on a Commercial Pilot training package, and should have information and prices on that course online soon. Since a majority of the requirements listed here are time and experience requirements the 20 hours of dual flight training is what the Commercial Pilot course will focus on. Please contact us for further details.

To earn your Commercial Pilot Certificate, you must have at least 190 hours of total flight time (Part 141) or 250 hours of total flight time (Part 61), which must include:

  • 100 hours in a powered aircraft, of which 50 must be in airplanes
  • 100 hours as pilot in command
    • 50 hours of cross country flight
    • 50 hours in airplanes
  • 20 hours of dual flight training with an authorized instructor
    • 10 hours of instrument training
    • 10 hours in a complex aircraft (or TAA or combination)
    • 1 Cross Country flight of at least 2 hours in Day VFR conditions (>100nm straight line)
    • 1 Cross Country flight of at least 2 hours in Night VFR conditions (>100nm straight line)
    • 3 Hours of training within the preceding 60 days in preparation for the check ride
  • 10 hours of Solo Flight
    • 1 Solo Cross Country (more than 300nm total distance, with 3 stops, one must be more than 250nm straight line)
    • 5 hours in Night VFR conditions with at least 10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop at a towered airport


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