Flying FAQ

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Here are some questions most prospective pilots ask:

What does it cost to learn to fly?

Some costs of obtaining your pilot certificate will be the same at any school; an FAA medical exam, books and supplies, written test fee, and the practical examiner's fee. These items will total approximately $600-1000.

Other costsĀ are more variable, such as the cost of renting the training aircraft, and the actual instruction cost. At a minimum, the FAA requires 20 hours of dual instruction and 40 hours of flight time for a Private Pilot certificate. Although some students do obtain their certificate in the minimum amount of time, our average flight training time is 50-60 hours. This usually equates to between between $10,000 and $12,000 for a Private Pilot certificate. Training more often (e.g., three times a week vs. once a week) can greatly help to reduce the overall time and expense in obtaining your pilot's license.

What are the requirements to obtain a private pilot license?