Classes and Meetings

Meet with Ken, the new Tower Chief, at Redding MUNI. Jim O will lead the refresher discussion on Class D Ground and Air basic operations to include Class D airspace review, Taxiway and Runway Markings/Signage /Lighting, Ground Ops, Weather, Frequencies to use, weather requirements for Class D VFR and Special VFR, Tower Communications with you, and more.

Ken will be talking about unique operations to RDD (Fire Bombers, Skywest Reginal Jet ops, and Marmots, as well as any "asking for a friend" questions you may have on RDD Class D operations. SIgn up on FAASAFETY.GOV for WINGS credit. Seminar is FREE, and starts at 10am. Complimentary Coffee courtesy of the Airpark Cafe, and Donuts courtesy of EAA Chapter 157. Breakfast starts at 7am if you are hungry before or after the seminar!

About Us

We are the full service FBO at Benton.

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