Ground School

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The next class begins in 8 January 2018!

We will be offering a Private Pilot Ground School course, beginning 8 January 2018. The classes will be held 6-9pm on Monday and Wednesday nights, and continue for 12 weeks.

Even if you have not signed up for the course before the first day, are welcome to attend the first class for FREE. This first night will include an overview of the course, and what it takes to become a Private Pilot!

Learn all the required knowlege to pass the FAA Written Exam and earn your Private Pilot Certificate. This FAA Part 141 Approved course follows the syllabus and training manual from Jeppesen, a leader in aviation training materials.

This class is a great way to get started with flight lessons. Ask your instructor for details.


We do ask that you contact us before the first class, so that we have enough extra chairs placed in the room.

The cost of the course is $275, and books will be $75 additional.

Purchase the Cessna Flight training kit with us, and get a $155 discount on the cost of the ground school. Ask on the first day of class about any scholarships that may be available.

Contact us to Get Started



Quizzes will utilize the actual FAA test questions to get your familiar with the questions to pass the written!

The first day is FREE, and we discuss what it takes to get your certificate, so come out and ask questions!

Topics Include:

  • Overview of what it takes to get your certificate. Costs / time / medical requirements etc.
  • Aircraft Structures / Engines / Electrical / Fuel Systems - how the plane operates
  • Aerodynamics - How a plane flies
  • Airport Operations (runways, taxiways, control towers)
  • Communications
  • Navigation / Flight Planning
  • FAA Regulations
  • Weather / Weather Hazards / Sources of Weather for your flight plan
  • Aeromedical / Human Physiology
  • Aircraft Takeoff, Landing, and Cruise Performance Calculations
  • E-6B Flight Computer