Flight Review

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At Benton Air Center we conduct a flight review following the task set under the FAA WINGS program. This allows for you to prepare for the review at home, and get credit for that online preparation. The time spent on the ground with your instructor is minimal, since most of your prepartion is done at home. The reduced ground time, and set tasks to complete the review may allow for current pilots to complete the flight in less that the minimum 1 hour of flight time required in a non-Wings review. The training program also suggests additional reading and courses to prepare you for your review. Scheduling a total of a 2 hour block of time at Benton Air Center, should be enough to complete all tasks for currently pilots following these steps outlined in the WINGS program.
Unfortunately, completing these tasks takes a few steps online where we have no control of the layout, and some have found you can get lost along the way through the faasafety.gov web site. To help you through the process, we have outlined below the steps taken to complete a flight review via this method. If any of the links below do not go directly to the correct location on the FAA web site, please let us know, so we can keep up to date with their site changes.


 Click here: WINGS Flight Review Activity (if this link works, you can skip directly to step 5 below)


1. Go to http://www.faasafety.gov/ and login to your account (or create an account, then login)

2. From the Activities, Courses, Seminars & Webinars tab on the top left, select Activities from the drop down menu.

3. Enter A130628-01 in the Keywords, and click Perform Search.

4. The result should show, and click on the Flight Review link under the Activity Name.

5. You can not receive credit until the activity is completed, but you can request it at any time. Because the activity page specifies that the knowledge portions must be completed in the previous 90days as well, it is best to wait on the Request Credit! button until all parts of the activity are complete.

6. Make sure to read all the details on the Activity page.

7. The following groundtasks must be completed: ALC-62, ALC-42, ALC-214

8. The optional tasks are recommended as well, but not required: ALC-25, ALC-48, ALC-63

  • Additional courses not listed above (most free) can be found by browsing under the Courses tab. There are hundreds of great courses if you wish to learn more on a variety of topics.

9. Details on the flight activities listed can be found below.

  • The individual syllabus course numbers are linked below:
  • S-BF1-W1.00-080123-002-01
  • S-BF2-W1.00-091201-002-01
  • S-BF3-W1.00-080128-002-02
  • As mentioned, credit should not be requested separate for each of the above Flight Activities to avoid duplication.
  • The tasks listed in each are done to ACS/PTS standards, combined in one list at the end of this page, and a sample order of flight tasks to the right.


The following flight tasks are an efficient order to meet the requirements of the 3 flight task areas required:


  • Preflight Planning, Procedures, and Airport Operations
  • Normal Takeoff
  • Steep Turns
  • Slow Flight
  • Stalls (Power-off and Power-on)
  • Instrument Flight - Straight-and-Level
  • Instrument Flight - Turns to Headings
  • Instrument Flight - Unusual Attitude Recovery
  • Navigation
  • Emergency Glide, To slip, To Go-Around
  • Turns Around Point
  • S-turns
  • Rectangular Course
  • Normal Landing
  • Soft-field Takeoff & Landing
  • Short-field Takeoff & Landing
  • Night Preparation
  • After Landing, Parking, and Securing


Details and standards required on the above syllabus task lists are from the Private Pilot Airman Certification Standards for Airplane