Let's take a DISCOVERY FLIGHT! Hillside Aviation offers a fun and affordable way to see if pursuing your Private Pilot Certificate is right for you…. and this first flight can be recorded into your training logbook.

You will learn interesting facts about your aircraft as your instructor guides you through a preflight inspection, run up and taxi to the active runway. But, the real enjoyment will begin when YOU take the controls, with your instructor's guidance, applying full throttle and taking off for your 30-minute training flight.

Take this opportunity to learn about the Private Pilot training. We'll answer all of your questions about flight training, your instructor, FAA required training and how we maintain our fleet of aircraft.

Private Pilot Certificate

After the introductory flight lesson and you have discovered that flying is more fun than you have ever dreamed, it is time to earn your Private Pilot License and see the world from a new perspective.

A safe and competent pilot is a result of careful instruction, a solid knowledge base and sound decision making. Your best alternative is to train with a full time, professional flight instructor, who is committed to YOUR success.

It's easier than you think; contact Hillside Aviation and the sky will no longer be a limit.

Advance Ratings

Hillside Aviation also offers training for the Instrument Airplane rating. With an instrument rating, having your head in the clouds is actually encouraged!

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